Myrkvar - While I have been playing bass guitar we have released two cd's and two EP's, and did several shows throughout Europe.
Harmonie Unisono - I have been playing alto saxophone in this orchestra since I was 12 years old.

Social Media

The LEGO guy (Instagram) - Follow the LEGO guy all over the world.
Fysicadabra (YouTube) - Some educational videos I made.
LinkedIn - My LinkedIn profile.


PhysicsBuzz, Feb 2019
PERbites, Feb 2019
Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, Jan 2019
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Jan 2019

Educational Links

GDCP - Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik.
Eerst de Klas - The traineeship I was selected for.
NVON - Dutch Science Teachers Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor het Onderwijs in Natuurwetenschappen).
AAPT - American Association for Physics Teachers.

GDCP Tagung - German conference on the didactics of physics (Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik).
DPG Tagung - German conference on physics (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft).
Woudschoten natuurkunde - Dutch conference on the didactics of physics.
Southern California AP Institute - Conference on Advance Placement (AP) courses, by College Board.

Tarbut V'Torah
The Princeton Review
Hoge school van Arnhem en Nijmegen
RSG Lingecollege

Noordhoff Uitgevers - The publisher I write for.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Physics Didactics - Where I do my PhD.
Radboud University Nijmegen - Where I got my Bachelor's and my Master's degrees.
Utrecht University - Where I got my Master's degree for Science Education and Teaching.